Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Less Than 3 Weeks (but who's counting?!?)

It's been an eventful and super busy couple of weeks! Let me fill you in on all of the fun. The Saturday before Father's Day, Amanda invited us to a BBQ to celebrate her birthday and it was super fun! She invited my parents to come and they were so excited to meet her and they instantly fell in love with her too! She had a bunch of her family at the BBQ and it was awesome to meet them. We've had such an amazing experience getting to know her and are thrilled to have her in our lives!

(I totally had to crop myself out of the photo - one eye was closed and I kinda look like Quasimodo!! ha ha)

I've been busy cleaning and organizing the house and my project this past week was the baby's closet. We bought some fun storage cubes and I've had fun organizing them. I found these darling polka dot clothes organizers that I just had to have! We've been having a blast shopping for baby clothes - something that we've never dared to do in the past.

Last night Amanda and I had a Girls Night Out and got pedicures! It was so fun and I'm glad that we got some one-on-one girl time. The baby is going to be here before we know it and I'm grateful for every minute that we get to spend with Amanda! My mom gave me this darling picture frame and James and I thought this picture was perfect to fill it with:


The Morton's said...

Totally cried when I saw the picture of your baby's two mommies. What a priceless gift he will have in his life. I am SOOOOO excited for your shower!

Joe and Amie said...

We're so excited for you both!

Ashley Ann said...

I can't believe it is less than 3 weeks. He is going to be one lucky little guy. That room looks great - even his closet matches the decor!

Emily said...

You are amazing!!! I can't believe it's only 3 weeks! He is one lucky little boy!

Amanda said...

that is so cute heather and so sweet! what an amazing journey this has been for everyone involved. that definitely made me tear up a little bit seeing that picture! thank you so much for everything!! i am so excited for you and know this is without a doubt, meant to be!! love you guys.
xoxox- amanda.

Maria said...

So fun and precious! I love the photo you chose for the frame and it brought me to tears! What a beautiful, wonderful thing!! Heavenly Father is sure pleased with you!!