Monday, January 31, 2011


James' company just had their winter party up at Snowbird. It was a scary drive through the snow, but it was a fabulous party - complete with karaoke! James loves to sing so he wasn't afraid to belt out a few tunes. After an hour or so of convincing, I finally gave in to the silliness! (I'm still embarrassed when I think of how aweful I was!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nursery Teaser!

I spent this past weekend covered in paint and mod podge, doing a fun project for the baby's room! Designing a nursery that is "gender neutral" has proved a little challenging for me. I finally have the entire room completely designed in my head so now comes the fun part... seeing it come into fruition! This project is just a little sample of what's to come, to wet your whistle so to speak. I can't wait to post pic's of the finished design. (Don't mind our Lilly in the photo - I couldn't get her to move... I guess she's just as excited for the baby to come as we are!!!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little Graduates

At our church, James and I are nursery leaders. We teach (or mostly play) with all the 2 year-olds. At the beginning of January, our fun little class of 12 kids graduated to move into the "Big Primary Room." I made little hats and sashes for all the kids to celebrate their graduation! We were so sad to see them go, but now we have a brand new class of 2 year-olds. We're going to have to teach this new bunch all of the games that we played during the last year like ring-around-the-rosy and the ever popular duck, duck, goose! We have the best job in church if you ask us!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saying Goodbye to 2010

We rang in the New Year with James' family this year. We had a ball playing all sorts of fun games and eating yummy food, followed by a silly countdown to the New Year. A few days into the New Year, a bunch of our neighbors got together for a date night out. We love our neighborhood and are super lucky to have made so many awesome friends!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Zoo Lights

My BFF Ashley and her daughter Cameron were in town for Christmas! They live in Baltimore so it was super fun to play together while they were here! The zoo was freezing cold so there weren't many animals out, but it was still a fun adventure!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Bright and early Christmas morning, we all gathered together in the hallway and waited for Grandpa to give us word if Santa had come... then everybody ran in to see what surprises awaited them!
"Can I go back to sleep yet?"
With all these gifts, I'm surprised that Santa didn't get stuck in the chimney!
Little Gavin showing off one of his favorite toys!
After opening our gifts and eating a scrumptious breakfast, we headed over to see James' family
We exchanged gifts and then ate more yummy food!
Cute Curtis couldn't wait until he got home to play with his new treasure!
We played a few games and then set off to meet up with Heather's family at the movie theatre!
This year's Christmas flick was TRON and it was awesome!
After a fun-filled day, we headed home to see that Santa had visited our house in West Jordan too!
He even remembered to leave a gift for our Lilly! She loves anything with feathers!
She got this cute Christmas collar that she wore just long enough to snap this picture! (her eyes look a little freaky in this pic - yikes)
It's a tradition in both of our families to lay out all of our Christmas gifts to display. Santa sure spoiled us this year...
He even left all kinds of fun presents for our future baby!