Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Bright and early Christmas morning, we all gathered together in the hallway and waited for Grandpa to give us word if Santa had come... then everybody ran in to see what surprises awaited them!
"Can I go back to sleep yet?"
With all these gifts, I'm surprised that Santa didn't get stuck in the chimney!
Little Gavin showing off one of his favorite toys!
After opening our gifts and eating a scrumptious breakfast, we headed over to see James' family
We exchanged gifts and then ate more yummy food!
Cute Curtis couldn't wait until he got home to play with his new treasure!
We played a few games and then set off to meet up with Heather's family at the movie theatre!
This year's Christmas flick was TRON and it was awesome!
After a fun-filled day, we headed home to see that Santa had visited our house in West Jordan too!
He even remembered to leave a gift for our Lilly! She loves anything with feathers!
She got this cute Christmas collar that she wore just long enough to snap this picture! (her eyes look a little freaky in this pic - yikes)
It's a tradition in both of our families to lay out all of our Christmas gifts to display. Santa sure spoiled us this year...
He even left all kinds of fun presents for our future baby!

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Ashley Ann said...

You all did make out pretty well. Even JJ made out like a bandit! JJ kind of has a nice ring to it. I think I shall call your future baby JJ until a name is picked!