Fun Photos... say cheese!

We are lovers of food!  We both like cooking and we eat out often.  Heather’s family even owns a restaurant!  Heather’s favorite is Chinese food and James’ is always craving Mexican food - he loves his cilantro!
Everyone knows better than to let us borrow their camera unless they want some funny pictures taken with it - we can't turn down an opportunity to make crazy faces!
On a recent road trip, we stayed at a hotel that had the option of camping in teepees… however, we opted to sleep in a bed!  A little luxury never hurt anybody, right?
Our neighborhood has awesome parties!  This pic was taken this past Halloween and we think we took the cake for best costumes, dressing as Mario and Luigi from our favorite Wii game - Mario Party!
These are our cute friends that just recently adopted a baby girl.  We have a tradition of carving pumpkins with them every year before Halloween and we can’t wait to continue it with our little ones.  James’ pumpkins always need a little extra help!
We’re really just kids at heart and still love amusement park rides… this ride seems to be a bit small for us though!  We both love the wet and wild adventures of Splash Mountain at Disneyland!
Saying bon voyage as we ship out from the Port of San Diego heading to sunny Mexico!  We love going on cruises, road trips, camping… you name it!  We just love vacations!
5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!  We always ring in the New Year with style!  You can usually find us celebrating with James’ family eating yummy food and playing fun games!  Gotta love the stuffed mushrooms!
Getting ready to go snorkeling - Heather is a certified scuba diver, but James is more comfortable chilling on the surface!  Just watch out for jellyfish… Heather got stung in Mexico!  Ouch!
Take me out to the ballgame!  There’s a reason why baseball is America’s pastime - it’s awesome!  We love going to Salt Lake Bees games whenever we get the chance.  We both played on teams as kids!
We love camping so here’s a tip from us on how to make a s’more: “First you take the graham.  You stick the chocolate on the graham, then you roast the mallow.  When the mallow is flaming, you stick it on the chocolate.  Then you scarf!”  -Sandlot
Heather is a Motorcycle Mama!  She loves going for Harley rides with her Dad and her brother!  There’s nothing quite like the wind in your hair while you’re flying down the freeway!
A leisurely game of croquet with James' family on Memorial Day!  That's cute little Curtis in the background.  James won the game on this bumpy course, but Heather demanded a rematch!
Row, row, row your boat!  We spent our summer vacation this year up in Canada where we visited the beautiful Lake Louise and couldn’t resist a canoe ride!  We also love kayaking and white water rafting!
Anybody up for a giant game of chess?  We both love board games, card games, and any other kind of games!  Heather’s family is big into pinochle while James’ family likes a nice (less competitive) game of Cranium!
Between the two of us, we have 14 nieces and nephews.  Pictured here is the youngest - cute Taylor!  We love babysitting them and taking them to our neighborhood park to play!
Heather just ran her first half marathon - 13.1 exhausting miles!  She started training in January, ran her first straight mile a month later, and then graduated to 13.1 in June!  Woot!
This is our little kitty named Lilly - we brought her home for our 2 year anniversary!  She has a unique personality which means she’s tons of fun!  She loves sleeping under Heather’s arms at night and loves playing tag with James!
Yee haw!  Celebrating the Pioneer Day Rodeo is a tradition in Heather's family.  We have a blast cheering on the cowboys competing in bull riding, calf roping, and our favorite - cowhide races!
Going horseback riding in the Canadian Rockies - we now know what saddle sore means!  We both think horses are awesome and Heather wants to own her own horse someday.
James served his mission in Brazil where soccer is LIFE!  Here we are joining the crazy soccer fans at a ReAL Salt Lake game.  It kinda feels like Quidditch - Go Gryffindor!
We had just finished a picnic up at Red Butte Gardens and there was plenty of time left for tree climbing!  You’re never too old for that, right?