Our Awesome Families

My family is awesome!  I have two of the most amazing parents, 2 older sisters, a younger brother, and 6 nephews whom I adore!  We are a super close family and we have tons of fun traditions.  We love going to Lake Powell, having slumber parties at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve, going to plays at Hale Center Theatre, and taking trips to the family condo up in Midway.  My parents own a restaurant and they even named menu items after each of us!  I'm lucky to have my entire family live close together so we can hang out all of the time.

My family is always expanding and so willing to accept all new members.  My dad was married before and had 3 sons.  My mom was married before and had 3 daughters.  My dad got divorced and my mom's husband passed away and a few years later, they got married - the Brady Bunch!  Then I was born and ruined that!  A few years later my brother was born and my parents said Eight is Enough!  We have continued to grow and we now have 2 nieces and 6 nephews (1 of them is adopted).  My family is super awesome - we love playing games.  Anytime you can get us together, you'll always find us around the table playing some kind of game.  We love getting together for holidays and other special occasions to eat - my siblings are great cooks!  Our biggest tradition is to go "Psycho Shopping" the day after Thanksgiving so that we can get our hands on all the great deals out there.