Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Is Sweet

Any excuse to throw a party and I get so excited! I love party planning and I think that I must have been a party planner in another life! My little brother Chris is getting married on November 11th and I wanted to throw a bridal shower for my cute soon-to-be sis, Karen. For party favors, the guests filled their own treat bags.
The sign next to the treat jars said:
LOVE is SWEET please take a TREAT!
My mom helped me to throw this shower and we had a blast color coordinating all of the yummy food! We made yummy sparkling lemonade and even decorated the water bottles! I decorated our dining room chandelier to match our theme and designed the food table around it. We loved our cupcake centerpiece!
As guests were either coming or going, we asked them to take a minute and write Karen a little note - just another fun way to personalize the shower!
This is cute Karen! I'm so excited for her to join our family and I hope she had fun at her shower!



You are so CrEaTiVe!!
It looks like it turned out AWESOME!
I'm CERTAIN everyone was BLOWN AWAY!

Kara said...

Can you come throw a party at my house?? It can be for anything or just decorate so cute!! Next time I need to do a certain you will get a call! :)

tinkhammom said...

Heather - you should start a party planning business! You would be in high demand, for sure!

Karen said...

How could I not love it?!?! It was fantastic! But with you, it couldn't be any other way!

Isaac and Dallas said...

Wow Isaac said you went crazy and I really didn't believe him, but now I do. It looks great though.

Ashley Ann said...

Looks like so much fun! Very cute theme!

Families Supporting Adoption West Valley Chapter said...

Heather, I cannot believe how talented you are! Seriously, I am going to hire you to come completely redecorate my house. Your blog looks great!