Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turning the big 3-0!

Last Saturday was my dreaded 30th birthday! When I woke up I turned to James and asked, "Do I look like Betty White now?" Can't I just freeze time and stay in my 20's forever? To help soften the blow of becoming an oldie, James planned a super fun day for me! It started out with breakfast in bed, followed by James building my birthday presents:

A crib and a changing table for our new little one!!! Aren't they darling? I can't wait to get into my designer mode and make the nursery super cute! After a long afternoon of building, we went to dinner at La Caille with my mom and dad. I was born on my parents 10th wedding anniversary so as I was ringing in my 30 years, they were celebrating their 40th anniversary! As much as I hate getting older, I can't wait until it's me and James celebrating 40 years of an awesome marriage!


Ashley Ann said...

Love them!!! Can't wait to see the nursery after you've put your touches on it!!!


What a FUN Birthday!!
Love the Crib! Your Nursery will be AMAZING!!

Allison said...

Happy birthday! Those are some awesome birthday gifts.
I've decided that 30 isn't so bad. But if you want to have a pity party, come on over, I'll mourn the loss of our 20s with you.