Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog Challenge #3

Something You Are OCD About...
(This is probably more about us than you'd like to know, ha ha!)


I think this is OCD of me - every time I put on deodorant, I always have to swipe the bar the exact number of times under each armpit - normally 7 times. I think the reason why I do it is so that I am even smelling on both sides. I highly doubt that if I only swiped 6 times on my right side, and 5 times on my left side that anyone would be able to tell any difference, however, it’s my way of trying to make the universe a little more freshly scented. Plus I am the man that your man could smell like if he used Old Spice! (shameless commercial plug)


I am obsessed with paper towels! I saw an episode of Oprah years ago that talked about kitchen germs and it freaks me out to this day. On the show they said that it is cleaner to dip a spoon into a toilet bowl and then eat with it, than to set your spoon in your sink and then pick it up and use it again. Their explanation is that most people clean their toilets on a regular basis with some sort of cleaner containing bleach, but most people hardly ever deep clean their kitchen sink so the combination of germs (like salmonella) sit in a warm and wet environment and multiply like crazy! Yucky, huh! A lot of people use kitchen rags to clean their countertops (it is the “greener” thing to do after all) but then they leave that towel sitting on their kitchen sink and it becomes a breeding ground for germs. Have I adequately grossed you out yet? Introducing: the paper towel… clean, disposable, and fairly cheap. I know that it may not be the “green” way of doing things, but I’d rather save our house from being overtaken by an army of germs!!!

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Kara said...

I was laughing as I read this because I LOVE paper towels! Kurt makes fun of me because that's what I use to clean with! I refuse to use rags...they get smelly, germy, and gross! So I'm totally with ya on the paper towels! Green or not green, I don't even care on this one! :)